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The staff at Studabaker Chiropractic & Wellness Clinic has just one goal: to make you feel better and relieve your pain as much as possible. We accomplish this through a natural approach to your pain. You don't have to live with chronic back, neck, and joint pain any longer. Get in touch and schedule an appointment today.

Pain Relief is Our Goal

At Studabaker Chiropractic, we have therapy and rehabilitation services for everything from recovering from sports injuries to helping with sinus problems. Multiple forms of special techniques are utilized based on each patient’s condition. These therapeutic modalities are used in conjunction with joint manipulation to produce better results and speed up recovery time. The modalities can be passive in the form of therapeutic ultrasound or electrical stimulation, or they may be more aggressive in the form of assisted stretching techniques or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.

We can help you feel better and recover

If you have been experiencing regular pain that has been limiting your enjoyment of life chiropractic adjusting and therapy can help. You do not have to live with pain.

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Therapeutic ultrasound is a form of diathermy, or deep heat. Injured soft tissue structures such as muscles or tendons are targeted by focused sound waves which provide a relaxing heating effect. The ultrasound causes an increase in blood flow while also reducing the swelling in the area. This speeds up the healing process as well as decreasing the sensation of pain in the area.

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Electrical stimulation, often referred to as E-stim, is another form of therapy used for pain management. E-stim uses a weak electrical current to alter the nerves which recognize sensations of pain in the injured area. The electrical current that is delivered will also cause muscle contractions. These contractions can produce several different therapeutic outcomes based on the way it is used. It can be used to help reduce swelling in the injured area, relieve muscle spasm, or even strengthen weakened muscles.


Post-Isometric Relaxation technique (PIR) is used for more severe muscle spasm or joint restriction. PIR is doctor assisted and alters between muscle resistance and passive stretching. This technique works to stretch the muscle or tendon and reduce the fixations brought about from scar tissue.


Graston technique is a form of instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. This technique uses a tool to massage or scrape the injured soft tissue. Scar tissue is broken down, reducing any restrictions or adhesions and allowing the tissue to heal properly. An increase in blood flow also occurs resulting in faster recovery.